Positive Relationships

At Nanny Plums Nursery we value positive relationships between ourselves and you as parents/carers and, of course, with your child. Once your child has spent a couple of sessions with us in the nursery, we will look to see if they’ve gravitated towards a particular member of staff and, where possible, we will assign that member of staff as your child’s KEY PERSON. All of our staff members are selected due to their qualifications, qualities, attributes and passion for working with children – they naturally enjoy forging positive and productive relationships with the children they work with and they enjoy keeping you posted regularly regarding those small but joyful steps of progress along the way. As your child’s key person they will:

In Nursery:

Allocate and name a coat peg for your child.

Spend quality time with your child to form a bond.

Conduct frequent observations and record all progress on Tapestry or in the child’s physical Learning Journal (tell us your preference when you enrol).

Ensure the needs of your child are met e.g sleeping, eating, toileting etc.

Spend time with your child looking at and discussing the home-nursery diary.

Plan sufficiently for your child (using EYFS) to ensure their learning is enhanced.

Give your child lots of positive praise (certificates and stickers etc).

Make birthday cards with your child for their family members.

 Ensure your child receives a special cake and card on their birthday.


Home – Nursery Link:

Issue a home/ nursery diary in which daily messages and particular updates can be recorded.

Introduce themselves to the child’s family and/or carers early on.

Explain the assessment profile being created at Nanny Plums for your child (Tapestry)

Make a first-day card to send home.

As often as possible, take the time to talk with parents/carers about their child’s achievements that day or week.

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Parental surveys

Coffee afternoons (for parents to share ideas and suggestions)

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                life is good". Roald Dahl