We are excited and proud to be able to share our recent Ofsted report with you! We were inspected on March 16th 2020 and we were thrilled to be recognised as 'GOOD' in all areas under what is now an incredibly tough and challenging new inspection framework. The heavily pregnant Ofsted inspector commented that we were very close to OUTSTANDING and that ours was the type of nursery that she'd want to send her child to. She also expressed the desire to re-visit us in the future to see the success of our BEACH SCHOOL sessions (we featured in the Blackpool Evening Gazette recently for our Beach School initiative). Overall we were thrilled with the outcome and acted immediately upon the only two minor tweaks she suggested to us on the day (one of our little ones got a bit over-excited with his spade during an outdoors jelly-based sensory activity and had a little go at tasing it before he was spotted #needeyesinthebackofyourhead haha). The inspection report clearly recognised the immense professionalism and caring dedication of our wonderfully experienced team and highlighted also how much our parents and families love us ... they told the inspector that we were "the very best".


You can find a link to our report here but the following are a selection of comments and observations made by the inspector: 


* "Children feel welcomed, secure and happy in this nursery." 


* "Children who are new to the setting are skillfully supported by staff. This helps children to feel confident, so when they do join their friends they do so excitedly and without hesitation."


* "Children are delighted to spend time outdoors at this nursery."


* "Staff naturally support children... They role-model descriptive language, extend storylines and encourage children to solve simple problems."


* "Staff encourage children to be independent."


* "Parents commend this nursery. Parents appreciate the support given by the provider, the manager and the staff team. They particularly value the 'excellent range of activities' on offer for their children and feel the nursery is 'the very best'."


* "Children behave very well. They are polite and kind."


* "Children are in awe ... Younger children show impressive focus."


* "The provider has robust safeguarding knowledge... This helps to keep children safe."